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Don't follow your passion, follow your skills

What looking at success stories tells you & how to build your 10-year plan

The 1980s.

That is when the sentence follow your passion first appeared in the context of career advice.

It has been widely popularized by Steve Jobs, in his famous Standford speech.
There are two assumptions to it:
1st: That you have that one passion.💓
2nd: That you can make it into a job that pays bills. 💸

The reality is that we won’t all end up as social media stars or astronauts.
The good news is that it might be for the best.
The secret is focus and excellence.
Success figures reach an unprecedented level in their fields by focusing on their skills and honing them.

It's less the specifics of what you do and more how you do it that makes all the difference.
Cal Newport has made this the subject of a whole discussion at Google, and sums up this way of thinking in one sentence:

Be so good, they can't ignore you

Our advice:
✅  Have a long-term goal.
✅  Start building up rare skills.
✅  Challenge yourself.

When you are in front of recruiters, remember that the way you present your past experiences is equally as important as the experiences themselves.

❓ What skills did I build?
❓ How did I make an impact?
❓ What is driving me?

The first exercise to get you started comes from Spain.
Often mistook for the Japanese Ikigai, it was drawn by Andrés Zuzunaga en 2011.

It regroups 4 key elements to find your life purpose:
What you like
What the world needs
What you can be paid for
What you are good at

Those 4 elements will help you define:
Your vocation
Your passion
Your mission
Your profession

Another exercise that we strongly encourage you to start is your 10 year plan.
It’s not something that you are writing in marble.

It is going to evolve as you grow, it may change completely, but doing it at least every 2 years will help you tremendously.

It will make you:
Appreciate your achievements
Reflect on what you did against what you set to do
Understand what you want from the years to come

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