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How to boost your LinkedIn posts for your job search?

Creating content on LinkedIn is a great way to gain visibility and above all legitimacy with recruiters! However, you need to be able to create and post intelligently, i.e. according to the algorithm. This article deciphers for you the secrets of the LinkedIn algorithm to boost your job search.

You've published your first LinkedIn post or are about to. However, you're probably wondering how to get your post seen, liked and commented on by members of your network. The answer: understand the LinkedIn algorithm to get a good reach and engagement rate. But don't panic, Prepera has broken down how it works for you!


Reach is the reach of your post to your audience, i.e. the number of subscribers in your network (views).

Engagement is the reactions of your network members to your post (likes, comments, shares). The two influence each other: a good engagement will lead to a good reach and vice versa! 

The best formats

Depending on the format you choose to create and publish, you won't have the same reach. The type of post can vary its reach between 15 and 30%. In order, here are the best formats for better reach: 

  • PDF document: between 2.2 to 3.4 times more;
  • Polls: between 2.1 to 2.5 times more; 
  • Carousel: between 1.8 to 2.3 times more; 
  • Text + photo: between 1.2 to 1, 6 times more; 
  • Videos: between 0.5 to 0.8 times more; 
  • External link: between 0.4 to 0.5 times more; 
  • Newsletter: between 0.2 to 0.9 times more; 
  • Article: between 0.1 to 0.2 times more. 

To know: posting a photo of yourself or a selfie will increase your reach rate (2.5 times more) and your engagement rate (3 times more) significantly. 

For your post to be optimal, the length of your text should be between 1,200 and 1,600 characters.

You will have understood, the best type of publication is a short text with a photo of you in PDF format! But it's up to you to adapt the form with the content according to what you want to put forward. 


  • Using three hashtags in your post will boost its reach
  • Identifying more than 15 accounts will slow down the growth of the post
  • No more than 10 emojis per post

When to post?

Like all social networks, the time you post matters. Depending on the time of day, your post won't have the same reach and engagement rate. 

Here are the best times to post on LinkedIn: 

  • Monday between 10am and 1pm
  • Tuesday between 8am and 11am
  • Wednesday between 9am and 12pm
  • Thursday between 8am and 11am
  • Friday between 1pm and 3pm
  • Saturday between 10am and 1pm
  • Sunday between 1pm and 3pm 

On average, you should publish between 1 and 3 posts per week. 

Be careful not to publish too much! We start from this principle: quality > quantity. Publishing a new post 18 hours after the last one will negatively impact the growth of both (-15%). Publishing two new posts within 18 hours of the last one will slow down the growth of all three (-30%).

Once your content is published, the adventure doesn't end there! 

Engage them all!

Don't close LinkedIn just yet. This is the time to interact with your network. 

In order to get maximum reach, you should not edit your post within ten minutes of publishing it or be the first to write a comment. 

A comment increases the reach of your post by 4% in your own network and by 3% in the commenter's network. Replying to comments from your network within the hour increases your reach by 20%. 

After 24 hours, adding several comments as an author will boost your post in the feed of all its contributors, resulting in an additional 25% growth. So don't hesitate to come back the next day to add between 2 and 4 comments to your post! 

Get ahead of the game! 

A hyper creative and short video that made a big impression!

Last October, she was told that she was fired and that she had very little time left to find a job. In a first post with her CV as a picture, she explains her situation and the contract she is looking for. A few days later, she publishes a video of herself imitating a mugshot, which provokes a "gigantic mobilization". Her video generates more than 17 000 impressions. She explains the reasons: 

  • a tagline that announces the "drama"
  • the "see more" hack that is not clickable and encourages the visitor to comment
  • a short and creative videoa comment with clickable links to the resume and appointment booking
a comment that contains links to her resume and calendar

In addition to impressions, her post was the orgine of 5 000 interactions including 59 comments. The links in her comment were clicked 38 times for the resume and 11 times for the appointment booking. So a total of 32% of engagement! 

You are now wondering if she found her work-study program? To find out, I invite you to follow her adventures on LinkedIn! 

Now you have all the keys in hand to boost your next publications and who knows, catch the eye of a recruiter? 

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