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Posting on LinkedIn: a must to find your next job?

Samuel Fidaly, Strategic Senior Consultant at LinkedIn, and Louis Deslus, Head of Growth NeoStaff and Founder of Getjob, give you tips to optimize your visibility on LinkedIn

You've had a LinkedIn account for a while now, but the "Publish" button intimidates you. You don't know if you want or need to create posts, let alone what content you could write. Don't panic, we're here to help you.

Several factors can hold you back:

  • Other people's opinions
  • Legitimacy
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of ideas
  • Lack of interest

These reasons are quite understandable but they prevent you from taking advantage of the full potential of the platform. And therefore make your profile an attractive one. This article aims to show you the interest of posting content if you want to and without fear.

Small reminder

LinkedIn has 800 million users worldwide with about 6,000 people hired every day via the platform. However, make no mistake, finding a job on LinkedIn is not an easy task and in front of this crowd of candidates, you must  stand out. And there's nothing like publishing content to help you reach that objective.

So why should you publish?

Publishing on LinkedIn is adding something to your profile and it allows you to generate sharing - Samuel Fidaly, Strategic Senior Consultant at LinkedIn

  • Exist and share

With so many users, you can't hope to get noticed without participating in the debates and thus in the life of the network. By publishing, you express your opinion, who you are, and ultimately, you show that you exist in the eyes of your peers but also of recruiters. 

When you publish your own content, your network can then like and comment on your post. You then become the source of an exchange. This is an opportunity to share your opinions but also to engage in conversation with them.

  • Visibility and notoriety

Showing that you exist means gaining visibility. For that, you just have to publish content related to your fields of expertise, your interests, etc. "But who am I to post on LinkedIn? I'm not an expert." No, but you are you and you could become one! So out with the impostor symptom!

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to talk about yourself, your life, your professional experiences... Also, you inevitably have knowledge in a particular subject. Share them! They may seem basic or "common knowledge" but the truth is that not everyone knows everything you know and vice versa. You can gain notoriety by writing a short article, commenting on other people's posts, and participating in groups or discussion topics highlighted by LinkedIn. This will make recruiters want to contact you.

To summarize, publishing allows you to:

  • Exist on LinkedIn and in your network
  • Engage in conversation with your peers and recruiters
  • Gain visibility by making yourself known
  • Gain notoriety and credibility by talking about your skills and areas of expertise

Be careful!

If posting on social media is not part of your DNA and you don't want to, you don't have to! 

A candidate is not necessarily a content creator, but he or she must seek out people. By expressing his opinion in a comment, with a like, etc. You have to know how to use the network, but being a creator is something else. Obviously, it's important to publish and it's definitely a competitive advantage, but not everyone is a writer. - Louis Deslus, Head of Growth NeoStaff and Founder Getjob 

In the same way, if you want to get started, don't feel forced to post content every day: it depends on what you have to say, your time and your personality! So trust yourself and stay true to yourself.

According to Louis, publishing content also depends on your professional sector: if you work in construction, publishing will be less useful than if you work in human resources, for example. 

You get it: publishing is good, but staying yourself is better.

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