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Why you should always negotiate your salary

Negotiating your salary is essential. We will take you through how to approach a salary or raise negotiation.

→ You just got a job offer but the pay is not what you were expecting?
→ Everything is going well but you feel underpaid?
→ The amount of work you shoulder is not reflected in your salary?
→ Your salary hasn’t been raised the past year?
Many reasons should push you to re-evaluate whether your salary satisfies you and correctly reflects your work and your involvement.

Negotiating a salary can feel insurmountable.
However, it's really important to be vocal about it. ️
You will never get any leverage if you don't ask for it.

Should you not achieve what you were aiming for, negotiating  your salary upon entry can build an argument later on when you feel like you should renegotiate.

Negotiating shouldn't be about your feelings.It's about giving real arguments and facts.

Don’t understand this the wrong way: you can have feelings about your salary.
You can feel undervalued, overwhelmed, sad. You can also feel confident, appreciated.
Any monetary and non-monetary advantages are also strong motivation and motivation-based arguments can provide additional leverage to your negotiation.

But they shouldn’t be your core arguments when negotiating your salary.

Think about the other side of the table.
Any compensation that is given to you is money that is not going elsewhere.
Your objective is to show that this money is better invested with you.

Here are a few negotiation hacks:
☑️ Ask people around you with the same level of experience what their salary is.
☑️  Understand what you can expect from your industry.
☑️  Hunt for information online - you would be surprised at what you can find.

Some companies are more transparent than others with regards to salaries.
These can become a good benchmark for you to understand where you stand.

The salary grid of an online bank in France: Shine ✨

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