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By collaborating with recruiters and companies to clarify questions and processes, we empower each one of us to land the job of our dreams

Our story ↓

The power of interview preparation:
Starting with ourselves

Our trigger

In February 2020, Jean prepares his interview for HEC, one of the largest European business schools.
He starts compiling several questions regularly asked during these interviews and prepares his answers.

And Jean, an aspiring coder, creates a tool to help him master his speech. A simple, no-frills app where he can swipe and review his answers to interview questions.

He shares it with Edmée & Irene. First conquests.

Step by step coaching

Understanding the issues

Doubts about your capacity
The mismatch between your ambition and the reality
Long processes

The list of what makes the recruitment process difficult is long. Through lengthy discussions, we went through all of the issues related to job interviews. We identified the ones that mattered most and tested how to best resolve them.

One guiding principle:
Always improving

Helping candidates, first

We aim to democratize the approach to building a career by creating transparency from the start and giving future employees the tools to better prepare for their interviews.

To think about the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. For most jobs, the information is scattered making it an uphill battle to prepare for interviews.

Step by step coaching

Going further

We aim at bringing the most value we can to the candidates that prepare their interviews with us.

We are bringing our in-house expertise building AI for military purposes to the table and working on an AI coach to dive deeper into potential improvements in candidates' preparation.

We’re currently researching:
Stripping off sensitive attributes: adversarial domain reduction for off-processing debiasing