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Building a career is real work. We created Prepera to structure your job search and give you all the advice and tools you need to nail your interviews and step up your career

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Tell me about an accomplishment you are particularly proud of

💡 This question may seem simple, but it’s one of recruiter’s favorites!

The story you choose and the way you structure your answer will be key to show your value to your recruiter.

The STAR method is perfect to answer this type of question and we will help you understand how to master this method.

3 steps are crucial to construct better answers and put all the chances on your side when going into an interview:

Step 1


We help you understand the purpose of these interview questions.

Step 2


We teach you how to identify and illustrate the required soft and hard skills.

Step 3


We take you through tips and exercises to express yourself with impact.

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Photo of Bertha

I found the reflection points very relevant.

They allow you to put yourself in the recruiter's shoes and really think about "what I have to offer you, specifically."

Bertha used Prepera to prepare for her Web Developer interview 👩💻

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How does our coaching work?

You follow a game plan that adapts to your job of interest, and to the time you have available.


Choose your job hunting stage to get access to relevant advice whether you are still applying for jobs or already interviewing.


Select your job of interest to get job-specific advice and avoid bad surprises on your interview day.


Tell us your ideal pace of research to receive adapted objectives and a timeline that makes sense for you.


Get in-depth advice as you evolve in your interview process to optimize your chances.


Need more autonomy? Search our content library or go to the content snacks section and delve deeper into all aspects of the job search.

By 2030 there will be

24 million

new jobs created by the green economy according to the ILO (International Labor Organization).

In today’s world, we shouldn’t feel stuck in one job.

Learn to value your past experiences and showcase your soft skills to build a career that enables you to reach your ambition.

Access our guide to finding your impact job

Actionable advice at every step of the process


🙏 2 to 6 weeks

Work on adapting your resume and optimizing your professional profile

Screening call

🙌 15 min.

Clarify your motivations and first presentation to get to the next step

HR interview

💪 30 to 45 min.

Focus on presenting achievements that are relevant for the role

Manager interview

💪 30 to 60 min.

Gain deep knowledge of the company’s challenges and opportunities

Technical interview

💪 30 to 75 min.

Prepare for regularly asked technical questions to show your expertise

200 + Decrypted interview questions are waiting for you

Improve with comprehensive & actionnable expert advice

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Focus on interview questions

We give you concrete examples to help optimize your answer and understand what works

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Learn to express your motivation

Communication plays a key part in succeeding your interviews. Learn how to use words to your advantage and fluidify your communication

Step up your job search

Take your career to the next level

Job hunting is a commitment, and requires a method and structure.
Adapt your search plan to your available time with daily or weekly tasks to take your job hunt to the next level.

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