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We excel at Tech, Digital & Business jobs
Jobs reviewed by experts:

E-Commerce Manager
M&A Analyst
Product Manager
Product Marketing
UX Designer

Get insights to craft better answers

Interview and case questions decoded

We will take you through essential preparation steps and more than 50 interview questions and instructions covering both the fit part and the technical knowledge required so that you are fully prepared ahead of your interviews.

You will find questions, instructions, and occasionally videos where Experts decode the interview process and clarify the objective of each exercise that we put you through.

We will also provide frameworks to help you discuss cases when relevant and provide you with prompts for you to ask questions to your interviewer.

Video example

Step by step coaching

Learn at your own pace and track your progress

Each training is divided into Chapters and Modules, to make it easier for you to prepare yourself, ahead of your interviews.

Good preparation is not only about crafting your stories, it’s about knowing more about the company you are applying for, analyzing what they are looking for in terms of hard and soft skills, and understanding if you are a good fit.

Each of those Modules corresponds to a level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. These levels will help you understand ‍where you stand, and how much deeper you could prepare.

Show your uniqueness

Learn to showcase your soft skills

9 out of the 15 top skills of 2025 are soft skills, according to the Future of Jobs reports, published by the World Economic Forum.

Soft skills, the personal traits that make you the ideal candidate for the work environment, are hard to identify and to put forward.

We collaborate with Experts to help you understand how to put your soft skills forward during your interviews, and show your future employer how much of an asset you will become.

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A good answer needs work and guidance

Experts decrypt interview questions in their fields and help you craft better answers

Developed with and for candidates

✨ What our users are saying ✨

Bertha used Prepera to prepare for her Web Developer interview 👩💻

I used the platform to prepare for an interview. After finishing almost half of the proposed beginner course, I went to my internship interview at an international company. I was selected :)
I found the reflection points very relevant. They allow you to put yourself in the recruiter's shoes and really think about "what I have to offer you, specifically".
My recruiter told me that he felt listened to in front of someone dynamic and motivated!
I will use the platform again when my internship starts to come to an end, to look for a job afterwards.


Who created the coaching?
Each interview coaching has been carefully created with industry experts and professional coaches.
They are regularly updated to correctly reflect the evolutions that happen for each job.
Will I get some feedback on my answers?
To make our service affordable we have chosen not to provide feedback right now.
If you follow the structured interview preparation and go through all the different steps you will have many cards in your hand to succeed at your interviews. We also strongly encourage you to get external feedback by sharing your interview simulations with your family, friend, or mentor.
Will it require a lot of my time?
The length of your coaching will depend on the time that you can dedicate to your job search.
Think about it this way: you’ll get what you put. The more you prepare; the more chances you’ll have. It’s no secret that people working at top firms are rock solid before interviewing.
Sure, your personality and your match with your recruiteur will also determine whether you ultimately get the role. But speaking with more than 300 recruiters of companies small and big has taught us that showing knowledge and curiosity makes all the difference.
How much is the subscription?
Our monthly fee is 30€ but we also offer a 3-month subscription at 55€ that we highly recommend if you are committed to turning your job search around. If you are focused, this should be plenty enough to find your next job.
If you are still a student, check with your school or career center if they already have a subscription, if not give them our contact: contact@prepera.io it might help you get it for free!
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